Costa Natura Community Rules

Aplicable to:

  • Owners
  • Clients
  • Club Members
  • Day Visitors


Costa Natura is a family naturist resort affiliated to the Federación Española de Naturismo (FEN) through the Andalucian Naturist Association. This membership covers owners and their families. Temporary membership is included in the fee charged to Clients renting apartments, (for the duration of their stay) and to Club Members and Day Visitors. Clients, Club Members and Day Visitors will be asked at Reception to complete a form whereby they agree to abide by the internal rules of the Naturist Resort, which are set out below.

  • Nudity is the norm within the grounds and premises of Costa Natura. No clothing (including
    swimwear) is allowed in the swimming pools, jacuzzi or sauna. Towels MUST be used at all times when using swings, sun-beds, the chairs on the terraces and when using the sauna.
  • Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights of others and does not cause offence, or disrupt the harmony or tranquillity, of Costa Natura.
  • Costa Natura welcomes children to the resort on the understanding that parents/ guardians supervise their children at all times, and ensure that they also conform to these rules. In order to comply with health and safety regulations, it is recommended that children under 8 years do not use the jacuzzi or sauna. If children under 8 years enter the jacuzzi or sauna, they must be accompanied by their parents/guardians No responsibility is taken by the management for non-compliance with these rules. The use of all the facilities is entirely at the individual’s own risk. The fitness room is closed for safety reasons.
  • Everyone is committed to respecting the bathing hours indicated in the signalling of the pool and on the notice board at reception. Outside these hours the user acts on its own risk (parents are responsible for their children)
  • All are held responsible for any damage to community property, including that caused by their children, or by any other person for whom they are responsible. They shall reimburse the Community for all costs incurred.
  • Clients, Club Members and Day Visitors are not permitted to bring animals into Costa Natura. It is not permitted for any person to light open fires, or barbeques.
  • Everyone must use the drying racks provided in each apartment, and not hang towels or clothes across the terrace.
  • Only Owners and Clients may bring in private vehicles and park within the defined parking areas (1 vehicle per apartment). It is not allowed to bring in, or use, tents, caravans or camping cars.
  • Club Members and Day Visitors must enter Costa Natura through Reception and are not allowed to bring vehicles into the Resort. Membership cards must be available at all time for inspection, and must be shown on entry.
  • The changing room (with limited locker space) is for the convenience of Club Members and Day Visitors. A key is available by paying a deposit at reception. The management does not accept any responsibility for personal equipment or clothing left therein. Club Members and Day Visitors should use the changing room in order to avoid getting undressed and dressed in communal areas.
  • The use of photographic/video equipment is expressly forbidden in public areas, if it involves individuals without their written permission.
  • All users of the wireless network of Costa Natura must respect the terms and conditions of use specified on the notice board and the website of Costa Natura (
  • All accidents must be reported to the management. The management reserves the right to refuse entry or membership and to ask guests to leave or revoke membership, for infringement of these rules.